The first BPO company that isn't just a Contact/Call Center.

Work for the best Companies Worldwide from wherever you choose and as many hours you like

Why LikeU?

"We believe in humanizing the BPO industry by transforming it in a job option more environment freindly, inclusive and that offers quality of life to our team work. That's why we connect our clients with the best talent which enjoy what they do. We simply offer a better quality of life through better work conditions and excelling in Customer Service." Juan Esteban Rincón (Founder - CEO)

Who work with us?

Much more than Agents!

Our team work has in common the affinity and empathy with your brand. Because we believe in our clients and their corporate values which it's precisely what we transmit to our team. Our talent search it's never limmitated by a country or city, we recruit nothing but the best talent compatible with your company.

Happier, more capable

LikeU searches, finds and recruits the best profiles with clear goals, well prepared and in general persons who love what they do and how they do it. This is reflected in much lower rates of attrition and more commitment with the company.

Global and detailed tracking of your operation

Without delays, user friendly, in real time are some of the features of our platform in which you can consult how it's your operation going and the development of the same. You will have immediate access to statistics, reports and results. you can even listen live calls in order to supervise the process.

Our services

  1. Marketing and sales

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  2. Costumer Service

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  3. Commercial Payment Collection

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  4. Back Office

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  5. Market Research

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Principles that makes us different


    Increased productivity up to an 18% and campaign initiation up to 3 times faster.


    Increase in coverage, risk management, capacity of adaptation. Advantage of being able to operate in any country.


    Affinity with the band and up to 70% less attrition.


    65% less carbon footprint, environment friendly and socially inclusive.

Environment friendly Like U

  1. 33AC

    Acres of trees and forest saved thanks to the people who work from home in a Telecommuting modality that doesn't have the need to use their vehicles to drive into a work place.

  2. 19

    Saved days in transportation per year. (More than the common vacation days granted in South America.)

  3. 110%

    Salaries saved in additional expenses in Gas and Public transportation by LikeU team.

  4. x89%

    Of our team are Housewives, Students and People with disabilities which makes us an inclusive company.


"This model works to improve the people quality of life, for both the clients and the team, dignifying their work."

"The platform that makes people feel happier to work in a Call Center."

"LikeU offers the Contact Center service to the companies, meanwhile the agents work completely from home."

"It can achieves it thanks to a platform that impulses the ambicious market of Telecommuting."

"LikeU comes as a possible solution for this service to be performed by people that love what they do."

"LikeU comes as a possible solution for this service to be performed by people that love what they do."

"LikeU It's a platform that provides Third party services of Contact Center kind oriented that the campaings have a better human talent."

"LikeU is the only Call Center in the comfort of your home."

"LikeU is the perfect solution for the Call Center to be performed by people that love what they do."

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